Linggo, Marso 10, 2013

Like any other profession, locksmiths have specific needs when it comes to work tools. Locksmiths around the world count on a handful of trusted tools to deliver the kind of quality needed to keep a business running.

Aside from the regular, everyday tools you would see in a mechanical shop, such as hammers, screwdrivers and different measuring instruments, there are lots of locksmith tools that are specially designed for this wonderful industry. There is a wide array of brands to choose from, which are mostly affordable. Learn how to choose the right locksmith tools according to your needs and budget.
The Top Locksmith Tools for Beginners and Professionals:

  • Key cutting machines – Key duplicators and machines designed to make new keys from codes
  • Specialized key files – warding files and round files for manually shaping keys
  • Tension wrenches – these are tools used to hold lock cylinders in place while they are being worked on
  • Rekeying tools – pin kits, key gauges, plug followers, and different tweezers for pin tumblers
  • Lock picks and tools designed to extract broken keys from locks
  • Automotive locksmith tools and related equipment designed for opening car locks
  • Shop tools and electronic tools designed to remove lock cylinders from housings
  • Probe lights and penlights that are used to peer into very tight openings
        Though these are only some of the tools that professionals may need, they are commonly needed by any locksmith. SE16 locksmiths, for instance, mostly use these tools for their daily tasks.
As for key cutting machines, there are brands that are universally recognized as leaders n the field and they are reasonably well priced. The high quality offered by these key cutting machines is a given and it is quickly appreciated by anyone who has used different locksmith equipments before. For instance, the HPC 1200 CM is probably the most widely used code cutter ever made. The latest version is a joy to work with and will be as effective as your business is. Some have had key cutting machines that last for over 25 years and will still work flawlessly. Compact duplicators that can be used in a home or van workshop are perfect for any locksmith. Kentish Town has shops that sell the HPC 9120RM Speedex which is a very popular compact duplicator since it has an inverter for power.
No locksmith working professionally in the industry would be caught without a good set of lockpicks. As with carpenters who can’t work without a hammer, locksmiths can’t function smoothly without his good set of lockpicks. Regardless of brands, every lock pick you have should be of good quality. There are different lock-picks designed for professionals, as well as those more suitable to beginners. Locksmith tools that are specifically designed for lock work, such as rekey kits, should always be present in every business that is built around lock work. Surely, there isn’t a professional locksmith that doesn’t have a rekeying kit.

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